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AV Clash is a Web-based project by Video Jack (André Carrilho and Nuno Correia, with Gokce Taskan), which allows for the creation of audiovisual compositions, consisting of combinations of sound and audio-reactive animation loops.

AV (AudioVisual) Clash is composed of 4 audiovisual “objects”, which enable playback and manipulation of four different loops of sound and audio-reactive visuals. Objects can be dragged and thrown, creating interactions (clashes) between them.

The sounds in AV Clash are retrieved from, an online sound database. Users can change which 4 sound and animation loops are contained in each of the objects, from a large variety of options.

On an initial level, AV Clash facilitates playfulness, discovery and randomness. But it also offers the possibility of going deeper into each object, customizing its sounds and animations.