Mass Production

Mass Production combines computational/database video projection with web cam technology. As the viewers/users move around the physical space of the installation, video drawn from a database of crowd scenes responds to their activity. The screened montage of bustling Tokyo crowds changes in its intensity and movement as the web cam analyses the activity of people within the installation space. The installation creates a link between the optical surveillance of the street and the recording of movement within the exhibition space.


The database of video clips is comprised of portraits of people in motion and waiting to cross the road in Tokyo, Japan - the clip that accompanies this text is a selection of linear material from the installation.

The work is intended as an ambient and immersive experience - the changes in visual rhythm working on an almost subconscious level, the imagery is designed for a passive gaze occupying a window on another world that has an interactive relationship with the exhibition space.

The position of the viewers/users in relation to the creation of content is an area of specific interest. Mass Production is configured as an architecture that is dependent upon user interaction for the delivery of content. The same person can shift from being a user to a viewer simply by varying the way they move through the installation space. The subtle inter-mingling of viewers/users movement with that of the digital video display creates a composite performance.


The photograph of the installation of Mass Production took place in January 2006 at Mindplay Conference - London Metropolitan University.