Birth and Decay

Birth and Decay invites the audience to explore a time-sliced anatomy of landscape as it cycles through the inevitable rhythm of change. The visual field is composed of a scaled representation of a piece of land broken down into constituent details – the vista is hidden but the proximity and exploded imagery gives us an intimate relationship with the environment.

A simple immediacy draws attention to the inevitability of life processes – the birth-life-decay-death cycle is an inevitable performance that drives the movement of time on this planet. We need to do very little with our conscious minds to perform this path: breath, eat, shed a little skin - or in this instance drag a mouse blindly and watch the world change. The imagery itself plays with the idea of repetition; the images offer 25 instances of the same subject, the eye decoding multiplicity and diversity.

This piece is part of the 25 series - developed by Julian Konczak to explore the use of visual montage in examining connections between space/time and our perceptual fields.