Hidrazone Online Digital and Interactive Art, Design and Theory
The Hidrazone 2005 Online Art Commissions The fee for each work commissioned will be 1000 euros for a time-based digital artwork capable of being hosted by the Hidrazone web site (streaming media support is available). Potential media includes: Flash, Director Shockwave, computational video (optimised in Quick time), Java and other software based art work. The art work must be capable of functioning in an online environment aimed at a 512kb broadband user.
The proposed artwork should address the theme of the first Hidrazone project which concerns randomness.The successful submission will be chosen by the Hidrazone editorial panel (Bob Cotton, Dr Graham Coulter-Smith, Julian Konczak, Russell Richards, Helen Sloane, Lizbet Edwards, Nicola Chamberlayne).
Deadline for proposals: 01 May 2005.
Notification of winning proposal: 01 June 2005.

Completion of work due by 15 July 2005. Payment of the commission fee will not be delivered until completed work is received, tested and accepted by the editorial panel. The work must be original and Hidrazone reserve the right to be the exclusive host of the commissioned online art work for a period of twelve months. Candidates’ proposals should be in the form of a 500-1000 word description and interpretation of the proposed work that locates the work in terms of the artist’s previous work and the theme of randomness. Illustrations and/or diagrams, story boards in any graphic form should be included. The proposal should be accompanied by samples of previous work, writing on that work, and a curriculum vitae (artist biography). Submissions to be sent in the form of a Zipped archive, no more than 1mb in size to include completed applications, and samples). You should also provide the names addresses and telephone numbers of two referees who can vouch for the quality of your work.
Winning candidates will be expected to technically resource their own project as the commission fee will not be awarded until the finished product is received, tested and accepted by the editorial panel. The Hidrazone Commission 2005 is funded by the Centre for Advanced Scholarship in Art and Design, Southampton Institute. Hidrazone is nonprofit making online journal-gallery promoting research into digital and interactive art. Email: