Issue 002: Performativity

HIDRAZONE is a space for practitioners and writers in the field of digital and interactive arts. We seek to encourage practical and theoretical research into a wide variety of digital art such as net art, interactive art, software art, digital painting, and computational video.

The artists showcased in this second edition demonstrate a variety of ways in which artists can use digital media as a vehicle for embodied and interactive expression.

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Marker Happy Slap
Happy Slapping A performance videoed on mobile phone as an aesthetic challenge to the 'Happy Slapping' craze that has swept the UK.
Marker Lecture Hall
Anthropolical Performance An audience is subjected to a deliberately boring lecture to incite the real performance which is the audience's increasingly aggressive response.
Marker Performing Pictures
Women that Turn A performative exploration of the interaction between the male gaze and the female body using the possibilities offered by parallel and multi-monitor movie montage.
Marker Mass Production
Mass Production A database driven computational video that alters the images fed onto the screens according to the movements of the viewers' bodies.
Marker Corporate Commands
Corporate Commands Interactive performance is taken onto the street using humour to deconstruct the saturation of the urban environment by corporate messages.
marker Samples of the Ghats
Samples of the Ghats A video collage of the ghats of Haridwar, India that rapidly responds to the bodily movements of people weaving them into the picture.
Marker Birth and Decay
Birth and Decay A time sliced map of a natural environment that the viewer can 'conduct' via mouse or touch pad.
Marker Biome
Biome A live performance by software creatures wherein the slightest change to a machine’s behaviour can result in a profound change to their behaviour.
Marker Chasing the Pools
Chasing the Pools An immersive performance/installation working with integrating the live presence of dancers into the landscape of a multi-channel live-mix video installation
Marker Summerbranch
Summerbranch Incorporating games engine technology, movement is motion captured and driven by a controller.
Marker Digital Dérive Generator
Digital Derive The viewer, through decision making and interpretation of the visual data, performs a walk of their own.
Marker Domo and its Double
Domo and its Double An aesthetic exploration of a cutting edge experiment in embodied computing at MIT Media Lab.