Russell Richards

I have been producing digital artworks in Macromedia Director for more than seven years. In that time I have explored a wide range of conceptual issues. My rationale for these investigations has been firmly fixed on examining aspects of ‘the digital’ as a discrete domain.

I have built a kiosk explaining the notion of hypertext 1. I have created a web site exploring the concept of memory 2. I have created digital art works that are on-line static and/or dynamic entities 3. I have produced a music generation installation 4. More recently, I have been configuring my work around the concept of ‘digital painting’. Under this theme I have created a large-scale digital print for exhibition 5. I have developed a screen-based digital art creation application 6. I have created a perpetual abstract painting creator 7 and I have coded a nebulous gas cloud generator 8. I am presently working on a music generator under the title ‘Cascader’. All these projects interrogate a specific aspect of representation within the digital domain.


Since December 2005, I have been involved in projects that are under the general headings of installation and performance. These developments have informed and been informed by the Hidrazone theme of ‘Performativity’. In December 2005 I premiered my Covertor concept as a live performance in Australia 9. This was followed in January 2006 by the premier of “Mass Production’ a joint project with Julian Konczak 10. ‘Mass Production’ is a Macromedia Director project in computational video and webcam sensing. In June, Mass Production was also installed at Doncaster College 11.


Since November 2005, I have been working with Maurice Owen, a sonic artist. We have experimented with inter-relating sound produced by a variety of instruments and Macromedia Director derived digital art triggered by frequency analysis. These workshops have developed into the concept of ‘KikiT’ visuosonic performance involving the data projection of images produced through the software. In July 2006 Kikit was premiered at a workshop at Southampton Solent University 12. This workshop was followed by two, well received, gigs in Sofia, Bulgaria 13 and 14. KikiT then performed with Nicholas Batter, trumpeter, at Grange Du Faign Gallery, Jamoigne, Belgium in October 2006 again to good reviews 15. ‘Cascader’ a generative music installation with Jo Johnson was also premiered at the same gallery 16.

I passionately believe that it is possible to develop a practical aesthetic that can leave behind ill-judged applications of ‘old media’ analysis in the domain of the digital. To this end I have written two papers, one to be published in Journal of Media Practice 5(3) June 2005 entitled ‘An Aesthetic or Anaesthetic: The Digital Aesthetics of Production’ and the other to be published in New Media and Society Journal late 2005 entitled ‘Users, Interactivity and Generation’.

  1. Jan 1997: A Hypertext Box, an Introduction to hypertext, kiosk exhibition in Mountbatten Library, Southampton Institute.

  2. Oct 1999: ‘Memory is Made of This - A Virtual Installation’. Web based installation on the concept of memory at:

  3. Feb/Mar 03 Digital Art works – Shockwave and Lightwave – Digital Arts exhibition, Islington Museum, Upper Street London.
    May 03: ‘Hypersketch’ Shockwave derived digital still for The Hype Gallery (consulted Jan. 2004)
    Nov 2004: ‘Multispiral5’ Macromedia Director derived digital painting used for the front end of Ocean Pixel Digital Art Festival web site. (consulted Nov. 2004)
    Sept 2004: ‘Dub Spiral’ Macromedia Director derived print, Snap to Grid, Los Angles Museum of Digital Art, Open Exhibition.
  4. Jul/Aug 03: ‘DiskO’ Music Generator digital installation for the Summer Open Exhibition, Quay Arts Centre, Newport, Isle of Wight
  5. Nov/Dec 03 ’Treecycling’ digital print. Recursive artwork on the theme of the Christmas tree. ‘The Christmas Tree Show’, Quay Arts Centre, Newport, Isle of Wight.
  6. (TBC) ‘Covertor’ A Digital Art Creation Application for the inauguration of Hidrazone an on-line research hub for digital arts. HEFCE Capability fund supported. Southampton Institute.
  7. July 2004: ‘Barcode’ Shockwave digital art for the inauguration of Hidrazone an on-line research hub for digital arts. HEFCE Capability fund supported. Southampton Institute.
  8. Jan 2005: ‘Nebula001’ generative shockwave, Rhizome Artbase. (consulted Feb. 2005)
    Jan 2005: ‘Nebula Timelapse’ accepted for ArtExpo Film Festival, Bari, Italy.
  9. Dec 05: ‘The Covertor as a Live Performance’ A Digital Art Installation for e-Performance and Plugins: A Mediatised Performance Conference, New South Wales University, Australia.
  10. Jan 06: ‘Mass Production’ Live Triggered Computational Video Mindplay Conference, London Metropolitan University, London, UK.
  11. June 06: ‘Mass Production’ Live Triggered Computational Video for DTPA Conference, Doncaster, UK.
  12. Jul 06: ‘KikiT’ VisuoSonic Conference Workshop Southampton Solent University, UK.
  13. Sep 06: ‘KikiT’ VisuoSonic Conference Workshop Bulgarian Academy of Science, Sofia.
  14. Oct 06: ‘KikiT’ VisuoSonic Performance Bulgarian Technical University, Sofia.
  15. Oct 06: ‘KikiT’ VisuoSonic Performance, Grange Du Faign, Jamoigne, Belgium.

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