The source for the Covertor concept was a facility within Macromedia Director that enables the author of an application to choose to ‘animate in the background’. This facility means that an application can be created that sits on the desktop and is active at all times. A classic use for this would be a music player app that continued to play music whether it was ‘in focus’ or not.

The bringing together of this feature together with content production that relies specifically on the activity of user enabled the development of an ‘app that could interact with the user while in they were going about their daily screen-based work.

The mode of operation here was to run the Covertor in the background while using Microsoft Word or Safari browser or Excel Spreadsheet etc. then sense the mouse activity back in the Covertor as the user performed their functional tasks with their software. I quickly realised that it was not possible to sense a mouse click in one application in the Covertor beneath. However, the Covertor was able to sense mouse movement (‘mouse-tracking’). At the end of the session the user will have created a random art form out of their purposive movements across the screen

In this iteration, Covertor_10 the inter-relationship between the mouse and the graphic display enables subtle layering and geometric shapes to be created successively. To use as intended leave Covertor_10 and continue with your other screen-based activities. At the end of your work session return to Covertor_10 and see what you have created.