Samples of the Ghats

Through interdisciplinary approaches bridging new art forms and innovative technologies, the aim of "Samples of the Ghats" project is to explore new ways of delivering information.

Precisely "Samples of the Ghats" is a responsive installation that invites the audience to explore the ghats of Haridwar - India by composing themselves its audio-visual atmosphere.

The intriguing 5 metres long structure featuring a large panorama of one the ancient and holy city of Haridwar framed with technology is a stimulus to curiosity, an appeal to exploration.

Cruising along the panel visitors soon discover that they can “play it”. With the simple move of his hands he launches media sequences. They are audio and visual samples, pieces of Haridwar, collected and edited in a way to generate an atmospheric feel of the ghats.

In a collective experience, the panorama comes to life and the adventure can begin...

Work involved:
• Concept research
• Project management
• Reports work (content definition, photo and video work)
• Design work (layouts, animation, editing, integration)
• Programmation work (with MaxMSP-Jitter)
• Structure work (construction, detectors, sound, electronics)

Created and developed by Philippe Chollet with contributions of Gauthaman Ravindran and Evi Cmarova and with the support of London Metropolitan University.

Samples of the Ghats diagram