Philippe Chollet

My involvement in media dates from the time I created the Association Music & Exploration with a group of friends (1994-1998). Its aim was to explore a culture through the music it produces. This lead to 2 expeditions: 1 in Central African Republic, 1 in Kazakstan. Both resulted in various exhibitions featuring photos, videos, sounds tracks, and items.

I then worked for associations and institutions involved in North-South Relations, Human Rights or Co-operation (CRIDEV, International Department of the French National School of Public Health), for which I have been in charge of Media Projects (1999-2004).

Recently, I attended a MA in Digital Media (2005). I focused my research on exploring new ways of delivering information thanks to new media. In particular, “Samples of the Ghats” project remediates documentary through innovative narrative.

Currently, I am contributing to various arts projects and will to develop my own work in the field of Creative/Responsive Documentaries.

  • MA Digital Media
  • Degree in Health Engineering
  • Degree in Science

 Works Available