Martin Rees

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I am an interactive designer and artist creating art for screen, installations and physical objects. My research and practice focuses around the concept of interface transparency and interactive simplicity. Transparent interfaces use natural human interaction skills to engage with computer-generated content.

Design process is the driving aspect behind many of my works. My work is never a finished entity, but can and should be developed further by the user. The concept of open-source software is increasingly transferred from the programming community to the art community, especially in projects such as Processing, which is a tool I often use to create my digital art. My art poses social, cultural and technical questions, which force the user to develop their own viewpoint on these issues. My process methods are heavily inspired by Mitchell Resnick's (MIT MediaLab) conceptual understanding of decentralised learning and thinking. My art process is based around individual free flowing interconnectable ideas, rather a linear and predetermined timeline.

Contextually my work is inspired by human-machine interaction, but just as importantly by natural interaction with simple everyday objects including typography and language, natural environment and climate, household tools and toys. In the "digital age", social and cultural issues are often hidden behind layers of technology as well as their marketing descriptors. By re-contextualising these natural interaction methods in a digital domain, I aspire to get people to interact with issues and emotions, rather than technology.

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