Behind Memory

Behind Memory is a simple acknowledgement: on a computing machine, images exist (and can be accessed) because of their index, words that define them. It is then also possible to say that behind each word there can be an image.

Behind Memory's natural development looks at the relationship between image and text: gen-narrative (generative+narrative). Its aim is to unveil these images hidden behind the "Through the Looking Glass" generator's text.

Behind Memory creates sentences from the book "Through the Looking Glass". Each sentence is analysed for key words, once found they are matched to an index of images in the database. The selected image is then applied to the letter formation, literally embedding images into text.

An example being "like a tea tray", the first matching word is "tea", so the program selects a random image from the tea category and uses it for that sentence.

It is important to note that randomness here is not used as a non-choice (I let the computer choose for me) but instead applied at the very end of the application process for a specific task (choosing the image only). Therefore creating a richer narrative, different each time.

Influenced by the atmosphere of the original text, I combined a digital camera and a Camera Obscura, to capture my inverted pictures. Using such images seems obvious: by recreating the metaphor of the inversed image "reflected" by the mirror, I help highlight the idea of separation.

Conception and production: Julie Morel
Pin-hole Camera building: Kevin Knight
Programming: Alexis Amen