Julian Konczak



My work concerns the use of imaging technologies to explore perception and experience. My intention is to draw attention to the processes, textures and rhythms that we take for granted and often overlook. The power of re-presentation lies its ability to re-attune our senses. When I am moved by a work of art I become so infected by that vision that I re-evaluate the world around me. A fascination with both the natural world and the metropolis pulls me in opposing directions: romantic idealism confronts chaotic, dystopic pessimism.

The composition of the raw material that I gather on field trips, video, stills or sound samples, involves the evocation of an ambience; a reconstruction of the world around me. Processing the raw material, image fragments, via computational video, interactive environments and photographic prints leads to an enhancement of the original experience via the implementation of new grammatical configurations and image intersections.

The process of generating work involves working with an initial concept and then allowing the happenstance of image creation to define the content. There is a defining set of ideas that run through the work leading to a set of working practices that direct the work regardless of how moments are captured in image in sound. The vagaries of production are a process of removing the redundant until I am left with the central idea.

 Works Available