Digital imaging and the internet have radically altered how we engage with the visual. The well worn suggestion that “everyone is a photographer” is now fact - most people carry around a camera phone; the result being a proliferation of images that simply reflect each other and grasp at the same few visual memes. We engage with imagery on web pages via the thumbnail - and often make instant appraisals of where to jump to via grids of tiny images. These two themes, replication and proximity, are behind the development of the 25 series of works, the result of searching for a visual metaphor for photography in the digital age.

The size of the 5 by 5 grid leaves the eye of the viewer poised between two states: seeing the grid as one complete whole where the constituent panels lose their individuality and get lost in the ganzfeld of the whole, additionally, the size of each panel is large enough for the eye to scrutinise separate details. The object is to create a visual play reminiscent of the optical illusions that fascinates Gestalt psychologists.